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Designed with Patients, for Patients

Designed with and for Patients We started…

Validate A&E Visits

Do you need to visit A&E?

Validate GP Visit

Is your problem really for GP?

Validate your medicines

Do you really need to buy medicine ?


Diagnosis Lab test, scans, hospital visit,…

Existing Conditions

Improve your existing condition
Save £300 million for NHS

Your Family

Family health comes first

Do You Mind?

Balance your response to mental health conditions

Your Style

Your own style will help you as much as your treatment

Your Medicines

Choose your Medicine and your Pharmacy

Your Beauty

Skin issues are deeper and possibly inside our minds as well

Health Knowledge

Knowledge is better than information

Your Food

Its not what you eat, its what you avoid as well !

Pregnancy Consultation

Let's make pregnancy, most joyful time of your life

The Booking

First official antenatal appointment is your Booking

Due date calculators

How Accurate are due date calculators ?

When to Call Midwife

When you will need a Mid Wife

Flu Jab in Pregnancy

Is Flu Jab safe and effective in pregnancy ?

Morning Sickness

Reduce Indigestion and Sickness in Pregnancy

Pregnancy Test

Performing Pregnancy Test

Trying to get pregnant

Preparing for Pregnancy

Side Effects

Is it a side effect ? can you control it ?

Your Health Mission

Create your unique health Mission

Medicine Knowledge

Everything you need to know about a medicine

Annual Review

Annual Medicine Use review keeps your health up to date

Antenatal Care

Same as Pregnancy Care or Maternity Care which you deserve before birth

Travel Health

Travel Health & Medicine

How to do, this that and other?

What to do with this medicine or that disease

Vitamins in Pregnancy

Folic Acid and Vitamin D should be taken daily.

Which Brand to buy?

How to choose the right brand of medicine ?


Reduce severity of allergic reactions

Blood Pressure

Apart from Medicines, whatelse can you do to reduce blood pressure ?


Constipation can be avoided without purchasing medicines

Cough & Cold

Some cough medicines are useful while others do not do much

Antenatal Appointments

Up to 10 Antenatal Appointments for first time Moms, fewer otherwise

Blood Tests & Scans

Which Tests and Scans come during pregnancy


Create your diabetic plan and control sugar levels

Ear Problems

Easily solved without seeing GP in most cases

Eye Care

Eye problems and their solutions

Foot Care

Slightly awkward but still do-able to control feet issues.

Teeth & Gums

Keep them strong, clean and pain free

Old Age Medicines

Medicines have to be adjusted with old age

Right Medicine?

Are you taking the right medicine ?


Sometimes nothing works, so we try to find a solution for you.

Your Fitness

Dedicated exercises to make you stronger, less tired and reduced pain

Nail Care

nail shine and nail health

Oral Health

Brushing after meals provides perfect protection


Please dont put up with pain, makes no sense

Generic vs Branded

Is generic better or equal to branded medicine ?

Sexual Health

Dont ignore a suspected STD / STI much easier to clean than hide.

Skin Conditions

Your skin is not just your face

Throat Issues

Often offended by the wrong food or infection

Back Pain in Pregnancy

Reduce Back Pain in Pregnancy

Too many medicines ?

Are you taking too many medicines ?


Most will settle within 3 days and shouldnt worry you.


Understand it and you will feel at ease !


Easily treatable if its not recurring

Mixing Medicines

Can you take 2 medicines together ?

Exercise in pregnancy

Exercise without exhaustion


Contribute You can contribute to improving…

Pregnancy Time

How long can it take to get pregnant?

Signs and symptoms of Pregnancy

Could you be pregnant ?

Planning for Pregnancy

How to prepare for Pregnancy

Baby’s health

Which medicines to use and when, if available ?

Inhaler & Breathing

Right Inhaler and Right Inhaling Technique, both are important

Clinical vs Non-Clinical

Clinical Vs Non-Clinical Appear to be same…

Your High Risks

Reduce risks associated with High Risk Medicines

Your Antibiotic Affair

Not all infections need Anti-biotics. We can tell if you will get Anti-biotics

Baby / Child Sleep Issues

How much sleep is good sleep ?

Baby / Child Constipation

Medicines and other remedies are available

Baby & Children Medicines

We consider body weight with the age and exact condition

Nappy Rash

Nappy first medicines afterwards

Baby Eye Infections

Is it an infection and what type is it ?

Baby Cough Cold

Not many medicines are available or necessarily help

Baby Reflux

Baby brings milk back up, what can you do ?

Cradle Cap

What to do and when to seek Medical help

Baby Skin

Baby Skin is growing just like the rest of the body, let's make it easy


Baby allergy remedies and age restrictions on medicines

Baby Fever

38 C or higher in Fever and should be controlled

GP Letter Template

Save £300 million for NHS


How to choose the right Anti-Colic drops.

Baby Bottle

How to pick the right bottle.

Nose Problems

Nasal Issues The nose is not a support…

Breast Feeding

Can Mums take Medicine while breastfeeding ?


Remove the discomfort of teething.