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search with 2 words in 2 seconds

search with 2 words in 2 seconds

Example; “Atenolol Infarction” or “Atenolol dose” or “Atenolol gout” or “Atenolol Cost” or “Atenolol Brand” or “Atenolol contraindications” or “Atenolol age” or “Atenolol pregnancy”

#1 Patient Safety:

A doctor and a pharmacist joined forces with a shared vision to enhance patient drug safety.

In a world grappling with a shortage of clinical pharmacists (only 3.7m Pharmacists in the world) and an overload of cumbersome, time-consuming resources, Dr.Guide emerges as a beacon of change. It cuts through the clutter, delivering precise, critical drug information in a heartbeat, replacing the traditional 10-minute query time.

Dr.Guide is the transformation which doctors have been looking for giving doctors the gift of time and ensuring patients receive safer healthcare. Step into 2024 and join the new era of healthcare, brought to you by Dr.Guide.

2 words

Dr.Guide understands clinical context, First word is your topic, second word is your search, it will navigate you to your clinical destination.


Example; “Atenolol Infarction” or “Atenolol dose” or “Atenolol gout” or “Atenolol Cost” or “Atenolol Brand” or “Atenolol contraindications” or “Atenolol age” or “Atenolol pregnancy”.

2 seconds

Dr.Guide answers in 2 seconds, enhancing clinical efficiency and massively reduces complexity for doctors, making their decision-making process smoother.


Answers succinctly
In bullet points
No more paragraphs
Exactly how a doctor wants it

“Half of the avoidable harm in health care is related to medications”
Tested and used by doctors in 3 continents

I really like it, it’s been great testing and contributing to this wonderful system. It really helps me to help my patients.

Dr Kito

Absolutely to the point and wow really it’s saved me so much time already, my work is a lot less stressful.

Dr Atif

Dr.Guide is the best solution for all junior doctors and medical students, simply the best available option

Dr Hamid


Conveniently navigate the increasingly complicated process of medical information.

  1. Audio Visual

  2. Intuitive

  3. Simple

  4. To-the-point

Clinics and Hospitals

Allow your healthcare staff to ensure and enhance patient safety with convenience

  1. No hardware required

  2. Use on existing browser

  3. Universal access

  4. Cost effective
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