Unlimited Consultations for entire household

With experienced UK Pharmacists/Chemists

Audio/Video/Text Consultations

Easy access from anywhere

Validate A&E Visit
Find out if you should visit A&E or not

Validate GP Visit
Find out if you should visit GP or not

Validate Medicine
Find out if you need medicine or not

PersonalChemist consultation can improve existing condition

Existing Conditions
Improve your existing conditions

New Diagnosis
Get swift primary diagnosis

Medicine Knowledge
Find out everything about a medicine

Baby & Children
Discuss your child’s problems

Elderly Care
Help with all elderly issues

Learn from specially created videos

PersonalChemist helping patients with medicine review

Get Annual and regular reviews

Health Mission
Create and achieve your health mission

UK wide Launch
We are launching in June 2021

Reducing waiting time across UK. Consultations with UK Pharmacists/Chemists. © MMXXI