Sometimes nothing works, so we try to find a solution for you.

Nail Care

nail shine and nail health

Oral Health

Brushing after meals provides perfect protection


Please dont put up with pain, makes no sense

Skin Conditions

Your skin is not just your face

Throat Issues

Often offended by the wrong food or infection


Reduce severity of allergic reactions

Blood Pressure

Apart from Medicines, whatelse can you do to reduce blood pressure ?


Constipation may be avoided without purchasing medicines

Cough & Cold

Some cough medicines are useful while others do not do much


Most will settle within 3 days and shouldnt worry you.


Create your diabetic plan and control sugar levels

Ear Problems

Easily solved without seeing GP in most cases

Eye Care

Eye problems and their solutions

Foot Care

Slightly awkward but still do-able to control feet issues.

Teeth & Gums

Keep them strong, clean and pain free

Sexual Health

Dont ignore a suspected STD / STI much easier to clean than hide.

Nose Problems

Nasal Issues The nose is not a support…